Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy (Belated) 3rd Birthday!

Another year has passed and we celebrated Lucas 3rd birthday on Monday without our sweet little boy once again. I'd love to say that it was a good day, but to be quite truthful it hit me pretty hard. Sort of unexpected but not surprisingly. I've been in a funk all week and feel like a bus has run over me, hence the late birthday post.

Of course, we continued the tradition of baking Lucas his "rainbow" birthday cake. It's a peaceful process that I enjoy quite a bit. This year it was sweetened by a little boy tugging on my pant legs to get a lick of the cream cheese icing.

After we ate some of Lucas' cake, we headed over to the cemetery to release some balloons with birthday wishes for our sweetheart. Max was a big helper and was great about letting the balloons go. Almost as if he understands that they are for his big brother. We expected tears once the balloons would be gone. On the contrary Max asked for more balloons to be sent up to heaven. How I wish I could see them share toys and play with each other.

Sweet Lucas, happy 3rd birthday. I hope you had a great day with lots of cake, balloons and wonderful friends. We miss you terribly and wish we'd be able to give you a big birthday cuddle. Love always, your Mommy.