Wednesday, January 20, 2010

36 Week Update

We had another growth scan on Monday and I thought I'll post a quick update of our hopefully last ultrasound. The little man looked great and was notably bothered by all the attention he was getting. He kept on kicking the technician as if he wanted her to stop invading his space.

The scan showed that Peanut is measuring 36 weeks in head size, 36 weeks in height (arm and leg bones) and ..... an unbelievable 39 weeks in the tummy, which puts him at an overall measurement of 37 weeks, 3 days (exactly one week ahead). His estimated weight is approximately 7 lbs 14 ounces and I decided that we should change his temporary name from PEANUT to CHUNKY MONKEY. And in case you are wondering, I have not been eating Ben & Jerry's famous Chunky Monkey ice cream.

In the second picture, he is resting his head on his fist. I guess his head, or should I say cheeks, must be getting a little heavy. He also made a little pouty lip to show how unhappy he was with the technician poking him to get his mommy a good shot of his face. I can't wait to kiss those little chubby cheeks.

And here is a belly shot the morning of the ultrasound at 36 weeks, 3 days (but who is counting).

I also went to my OB this afternoon and there are no changes. She said she will induce me at 39 weeks the earliest, so at least 2-3 more weeks to go. We'll see how much bigger he'll get by then. I for sure hope that he will not continue to gain at the .5 lbs / week rate that babies grow during their last few weeks of gestation.

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  1. you look gorgeous, your belly is beautiful and FINALLY we get a shot of little chunky monkey without a hand on his face!!! :)
    great pics and thanks for sharing ;)