Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Decade - Here we Come

This last year has been a year full of challenges for us. If I say that it has been a difficult year, it's probably an understatement. But it also has been a good year in so many ways. While balancing our grief and paving our own little road through this journey of losing our little bundle of joy, we've also had some good times. We are blessed in so many ways and I can't imagine how we would have made it through this past year without the little joys and memories of 2009.

Like I said in a previous post, I try to focus on the good while balancing the sadness and here is a little recap of the times / moments that brought smiles to us during 2009:

Someone told me to think of a beautiful sunset as if Lucas is painting the sky. This is one of many sunsets that we got to see from our kitchen window. The thought of our baby boy painting the sky for us brings peace to mind.

We took a trip to Germany and Greece and saw many beautiful sights and visited friends & family. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our summer trip.

We found out that I am pregnant while on vacation in Germany this past summer. The pregnancy test is in German and made our trip even more memorable.

We took a short little weekend trip to the most magnificant and majestic place I can't get enough off. This has been my second trip to Niagra Falls and I will gladly go back again and again.

We had a birthday cake for Lucas' 1st Birthday. It was hard to decide what to do on his birthday without him being here. We wanted to make it a special day since it is and always will be a special day to us - we got to meet the most perfect little boy. As you can imagine, the day was hard but focusing my "mommy-energy" on his cake really helped me find a tiny bit joy.

My ever growing belly (shot taken at 33 weeks) makes me smiles daily even though it is bittersweet to be pregnant again 14 months after Lucas was born (I should be running after a 14 month old right now). Being pregnant and feeling Peanut wiggle in there is truly amazing and we are excited to meet him in the new year.

We are hopeful that the new decade ahead of us will bring many happy moments to our lives. We know that we will always miss Lucas and that from here on out it is a balancing act of missing the little guy and being the best parents we can be to Peanut (and no.....we have not been able to decide on a name yet).

Happy New Year to Everyone.


  1. What beautiful pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I am wondering aloud to myself why you are an accountant currently as I look at these, because if I didn't actually know you, I'd claim they were fake and you pulled them from the National Geographic Website ;)

    Intersting though when you put a year of your life in pictures like just makes it so much more real in terms of understanding to show just how much you experience in a year. I mean during the day to day it can really just seem so mundane but when you take a step back sometimes it is just "WOW."

    Happy NYE friend! I'll see you on the other side of 2010


  2. Happy new year love! Miss u tons and happy to see all the pics especially L's cake and a growing peanut! Feeling like I am missing out! Hugs to u and Fredys from Johan and I!

  3. Susie,
    I loved this post. You are an amazingly strong woman. I will from now on look at sunsets differently knowing that little Lucas has something to do with the beautiful colors.